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thank you


i dont have the installer for this version, u can contact me by email tq


you should have a special CD with the instalation.

on what email we can send an offer for upgrade?


Where can i get the ATENA installer? can i used the my HASP 421/1 in the latest driver? if i want to up grade the version how cost should i pay



you need to reinstall ATENA from your instalation..
your last version was ATENA 4.3.1  ? For this installation you have special instalation file..
after instalation, all necessary driver will be instaled.

Our last version is ATENA 5.3.4e ...  if you want to try it.. you can download a demoversion from our website..
for upgrade to this version from your version... please contact us by email...  cervenka @ cervenka . cz



i have format my laptop, how can i get the driver for my HASP ATENA WR 421/1? thank you

Cervenka Consulting Forums → ATENA → Driver ATENA WR421/1 → Post new reply