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Dear njoukhadar9,
if there is no change in the boundary conditions between steps 6 and 7, I recommend to check the damage in Step 6 in Postprocessing (deformed shape, crack pattern/tensile strength, min. principal plastic strain in concrete, plastic strains in reinforcement, ...).

If you still can not find the problem source, you can follow Troubleshooting, 2.1.1 to send us your model etc.



so I'm running a my beam under prescribed deformation and at step 7 for some reason the analysis is stopping and giving me this message: "CCFEModelExc: CCPardiso solver error: zero pivot, numerical factorization or iterative refinement problem in phase 22." I have read the troubleshoot file 2.4.6 yet still I'm not figuring out what is wrong, the model looks normal and nothing seems unusual.
I tried changing the solution parameter from NR to AL on the 7th step and yet I'm encountering the same problem.
Looking forward for your response,
Thank you