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Dear Cosimo,
1. if you have no specific reason to prefer version 5.4.1, I recommend to use the current 5.6.1i (or alternatively, the older 5.3.5i).

2. Please send us your model such that we can try to reproduce your problem on our computers (Troubleshooting, 2.1.1).




It happens in ATENA Engineering 3D when I move from postporcessor to preprocessor.
I have hasp for ATENA 3D (version 5.6.1)


Dear Cosimo, which of the ATENA programs are you using? Engineering 2D, Engineering 3D, ATENA Science - GiD + ATENA Studio (in that case, just close ATENA Studio or/and use the Alt-Tab windows shortcut to get back to GiD)?



Good afternoon

I am running Atena on my pc (windows 10) and once run the model I would like to go back to pre-processor to make some changes.
When I do it, my computer is stuck and is imposible to go back to pre-processor.
My Atena license is and I am running it on a pc with
- windows 10
- i7
-32 gb ram
- graph AMD radeon

thank you


Cervenka Consulting Forums → ATENA → Atena and Windows 10 → Post new reply