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Dear arjun.vithalkar, if you do not like the results presentation in Egr 2D, you can export the binary result files (File - Export - Binary result files), then crate an ATENA Studio Project from them (see ATENA Studio User's Manual, 5.1 Processing of Existing Data) or import the results for postprocessing into Egr 3D (File - Open other - Results by step (00x)).



Thanks for the info. However, I was asking about the color settings, when we display interface elements (automatically values at the interface are displayed in blue and pink). Even if the contour areas or lines or rendering is disabled.


Dear arjun.vithalkar,
in Egr 2D, the colour scale can only be changed for Contour Areas or Contour Lines (not for Rendering), see also the ATENA Engineering 2D User's manual, 8.7.1Scalar fields.



I want to change color of the values presented (for example for interface stresses) in the post-processor. Currently the color is pink and blue by default. Can this be done?

I'm using ATENA 2D engineering for analysis