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Right, of course. That makes sense. I will try option 1!

Thanks for your help, I will respond back to this post if it ends up working out for me.



Dear Josh,
1. of course external forces are only where force loading is applied (see also Troubleshooting, 2.1.13 A monitoring point shows no value, the program gives me an error on reading a monitor value). With the MaxMonitor, you can for example follow the average shear Stresses in the plane of your interest, then multiply with the cross section area.
That should be quite precise as long as the element sizes do not differ much (and there are no quadratic elements, which use differing weights for each node/ip type).

2. The Selections can be done in the ATENA Studio Postprocessor (not in Runtime).




1. I've tried using a max monitor (summation) on either side of the end surface, however, I do not receive any output. It seems as though the forces along this plane are not considered an internal or external force.

2. Do you know if it is possible to select the IPs in GiD? Or is this something that can only be done in the Atena pre-processor?

Thanks for your time!



Dear Josh,
1. have you tried the MaxMonitor - Summation or Average option for one of the end surfaces of each coupling beam?

2. As far as I remember, I am afraid the Sectional (Cut) values are only displayed and exporting their history is not supported in ATENA Studio. However, you can make a Selection of Intergration Points (IPs) covering kind of a "cut plane", and define a Monitor (or 2) on this Selection. Apart from the Stress or/and Strain of your interests, I recommend to also output the coordinates of the IPs, such that you can assign weights according to the area (volume) corresponding to each IP later in your spreadsheet.




I am modelling a couple stories of a coupled shear wall system. I am restraining one wall, while imposing a displacement on the other wall, resulting in an imposed shear force in the coupling beams.

My issue is that I cannot seem to find a way to extract the shear force in the coupling beams. I cannot use the reaction force at the imposed displacement as my coupling beams vary in size and I'm interested in the force-rotation response of each coupling beam.

I have tried to use the output data request feature but I cannot seem to extract nodal force/ sectional forces. I have also not been able to find a monitor that would be able to record the sectional force. I have read the troubleshooting guide (section 2.2.21), however, I cannot find a solution there.

Any advice?