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Dear Vladimir,
1. please understand the option allowing to use 1D beam elements as embedded reinforcement is currently only available in the 5.7.0 beta version (i.e., NOT in the 5.6.1p). 

If you are interested in joining the users already trying the Beta, please contact us using the general support email such that we can send you the link to download the installer.




i'm interested in modelling the reinforcement bars as 1D beams.

I modelled a 3 point bending beam in 3D. To take the dowel action in account, i defined a beam material for the reinforcement and chose "Steel von Mises 3D" as base material.
While reading the input file arises an error with the 1D beam reinforcement.

I read the troubleshooting and the gid science manual. Neither helped me well. The example "ShearBeam3D_1dbeam.gid"  mentioned in gid science manual was not available in the tutorial.

Do you have any suggestions how to model the reinforcement as a beam?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards.


Dear garam.gergely, you may also be interested in ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.2.10 How can I take the bending and/or shear contribution of
reinforcement bars into account?



you would better check user guides and tutorials if you want to model something in ATENA. Theory will not help you with the modeling.

Also I recommend to watch videos at youtube. Moreover, there are sample models of punching zone which are included in standard installation package.

maybe your question was about something else though... please clarify.



I would like to present a study of punching shear capacity of flat concrete slab-column connections.
How can generate discrete reinforecment to 3D nonlinear/linear elemnts with shear stiffness (ATENA_Theory 10.2.3 is not enough for me)?

Thanks in advance