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Dear saif10ghazi, then, please send us some pictures illustrating the significant differences (Troubleshooting, 2.1.1).


Thank you dear Dpryl,
Yes you did understand correctly. But this problem was solved once I deleted the examples file installed with the old version      ( v 5.4.1) and then I reinstalled the new version (V 5.6.1).
Unfortunately, I still get significant differences between the model I run and the results shown on the PDF Example manual.
Thanks again for your support.


Dear saif10ghazi,
do I understand correctly you are saying that

1. you run the 5.6.1p installer, do NOT modify the settings for installing example models (they are checked for installation by default, and you also do not change their predefined target path),

2. after the installer finishes and you look into %Public%\Documents\ATENA Examples, you can not find some (or all?) of the examples from the Example Manual?



Dear Dpryl,
I did download version 5.6.1 . However, the examples were not installed with the program although I did select to download the examples. I have tried this on two different devices but the examples are not installed.
can you please advise me on this matter.
Thank you


Thank you!


Dear saif10ghazi,
please understand version 5.4.1 is not being developed any more. We recommend to use the current version, 5.6.1p (or alternatively 5.3.5i).



Thank you dear for your response.
yes I do have significant differences. I wanted to attach some pic but it seems that I can not include media here.
Examples: EXTC.cc3, INTB.cc3 and TSTF.cc3.
ATENA Version : V5.4.1.0
Operating System: 64-bit Operating system, x64-based processor. Windows 10
Hardware: Processor core i5, RAM 6GB, Graphics: 3GB, Hard desk 1TB.


Dear saif10ghazi,
1. all the example models referred in the Example Manual are included in ATENA installation (unless you unselect them in the ATENA installer), there is no need to download them.

2. Yes, we know about minor differences in some of these examples due to changes and improvements in the program, which have not been reflected in the Example Manual text + figures.

3. If you have downloaded some other version of the example models than the one corresponding to your ATENA version, there may be even larger differences.

4. If you see significant differences after running the example models included in your ATENA installation, please write us for which example(s) you observe this and what is you exact ATENA version. Include information about your system, too (both OS and hardware - see also ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.1.1).



when I run the tutorial 3D models ( EXTC , INTB , etc...) it shows different results than what it shows in the 3D Tutorial documents. although I did not change anything in the model, I just run it as it is downloaded.

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