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Dear Ingrid,
let me summarize: you have proceeded through the basic Static tutorial example, seen the referred ATENA-GiD section about Dynamic analysis and also the seismogram example model included in ATENA installation, read the related help bubbles, and still "don't know how i could do it".
I am afraid I have to agree the documentation needs improvement (we are working in that direction), but I would expect that you at least could have particular questions (originating from the unclear parts of the documentation) now?



Thanks you,

So, i wanna do an seismic analysis in my model. E.g, I want input an accelerogram (Time History) in my model and see his seismic behavior, cracks, displacement.

The fragility curves are more relationated with the results, but initially i want know more about the process for input accelerograms.

I saw in an example that was introduced the ground motion but i don't know how i could do it?.


Dear Ingrid,
1. I am not familiar with the term "Seismic of intensity" (and a quick internet search has not delivered any relevant source) - do you mean just scaling some "standard" seismogram, or some approach?

2. Similarly, by "fragility curve" you mean Pushover analysis (proving max. load + ductility), or something else?

3. It is not clear if you have already read ATENA GiD User's Manual, 9 DYNAMIC ANALYSIS?
And the help bubbles related to Ground Acceleration in Interval Data?



I would like know how i can input the time history to my model.
I wanna do a dynamic analysis and after develop fragility curves.

Thanks you



Thanks a  lot,

I saw the example.

And now, i would like know more about the parameter of input. e.g. using the seismic parameter (Seismic of intensity) as the ground motion or real accelerogram.
There is any example described for this type of analyses?.


Dear ingrid93,
I recommend to see the examples included in ATENA installation:

%Public%\Documents\ATENA Examples\Science\GiD\Tutorial.Dynamic\BridgeConcreteSinusImpulsLoad.gid


%Public%\Documents\ATENA Examples\Science\GiD\Tutorial.Dynamic\SeismicStoneHenge.gid"

I assume you have already proceeded through the basic Tutorial example (ATENA-Science GiD Tutorial).

If you have specific problems/questions, you can follow ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.1.1 to send us your model along with sketches+description what you are modelling.




I'm still working about dynamic and static analysis for frames in reinforced concrete for my PhD, but i would like know if there methodologies specifics for do these analisis in atena.
Or if there are  examples that can help me better.

Thanks you