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Dear mhaider, please read section "2.2.5 Floating point problems - Division by zero, Loss of >7 digits on the matrix diagonal, Floating point exception: Multiple floating points traps, Zero or negative jacobian, InvertA: zero determinant, CCMaterials Extended AExc: CC5ParamYield F: project_stress_on_f_division by zero, and similar" of the ATENA Troublehooting Manual.



I am using ATENA3Dv4 for modelling multicylinder wellbore. I have given input of my pressure load in 36 load steps. After running for 12 steps i.e at 13 th  step solution killed by an error as - "CCFEModelExc: Negative or zero value of element Jacobian: -1.36298e-006, in element id: 138, group id: 410517506, name: Quadratic Tetra elements(1937) for Macroelement 2".

Can you please advise me on this ?