Topic: Maximum stress

Dear Pro.!

I am using material model CCnonlinCementitious2 in atena v4 to modeling RC slab subjected temprature load: tempeture for volume of concrete; dT=-45 Cdegree and and the number of load step is 45 (tempreture will decreate 1 degree per load step).

After solving, it show the maximum principle stress of concrete (Si-stress) is 3.2Mpa while My concrete  tensile strength is 2.5MPa
Why stress can larger than tensile strength?

Please help me!

Re: Maximum stress

Dear nhatnguyen1001,
this may be just due to the stress extrapolation to the surface, but also a consequence of convergence errors or other reasons - please see ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.1.10 The tensile (or compressive) stresses exceed the tensile (or compressive) strength or yield stress – what is wrong? for more information.

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