Topic: Coding für Atena


I have just started to learn Atena for a few days and I want to ask, whether there is a kind of coding-language for Atena such APDL for Ansys, CADINP for Sofistik, with which people can generate models through programing.

I noticed the input files of some examples. Theoretically, there are code-able. However, they seemed more like some data for exchanging.

Is there another way (maybe a coding way) to generate a model and set its boundary conditions, besides operating through the interface of Atena and Gid? 

Thank you very much.

Re: Coding für Atena

Hello Franke,
in GiD, you can use Basic or Tcl/TK (see the GiD customization documentation for details).

Depending on what you plan to change in your models, our stochastic module SARA may also be of your interest (randomizing materials and, with some restrictions, also the geometry).

Best regards.