Topic: Crack shear stiffness factor

What is the actual meaning of Crack shear stiffness factor in NONLINCEMENTITIOUS2 material model? Why is its default value 20?

Re: Crack shear stiffness factor

Dear anurag,
if the explanation in ATENA Theory, 2.1.7 Shear Stress and Stiffness in Cracked Concrete and 2.2.3 Rankine-Fracturing Model for Concrete Cracking, around Equation (2.47) is not illustrative enough, I recommend to look in ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.2.4 I want to use the user-defined stress-strain law of concrete to replace that used in ATENA program. How can I do it? + the there referred spreadsheet. There, you can play with the parameters of the spreadsheet to see the influence.

The shear factor coefficient value of 20 is based on experimental work by Walraven, (1981).