Topic: ATENA-GiD Shell Concrete Steel Material

Dear Sir / Madame,

I am using the Atena-GiD Version 14247 with GiD 13.0.1.
The issue I stumbled upon is if the Base Solid Concrete Material for the Shell Concrete Material has a name alphabetically ordered after the name of the Shell Concrete Material it is used for, in the Input File it is written after the Shell Concrete Material. The calculation is then interrupted because the Base Material is not yet existing at the line where the Shell Concrete Material is trying to refer to a Base Material.

For Example:
Case 1: Base material name: "MC20m" ; Shell material name: "MC20 shell" the calculation results in an error.
Case 2: Base material name: "MC20m" ; Shell material name: "Shell MC20" the calculation runs.

Is there some deeper issue I havent understood, or as long as I pay attention for the names of the materials being alphabetically in the order of the logical order of definition in the input file everything should be correct?

Thank you for your answer in advance!

Re: ATENA-GiD Shell Concrete Steel Material

Dear a.kovacs,
I remember some related issue has been solved between 5.3.4o (which you work with) and the current 5.3.4r. Could you install 5.3.4r and check if the problem still occurs?

In any case, please send us your model such that we can quickly try to reproduce the issue here (Troubleshooting, 2.1.1). Please also include screenshots of the error and warning messages.