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Topic: Sample Input Files for Static Analysis


I am currently working on a "parser" from CADINP (Sofistik) to Atena. The background is that i want to do different nonlinear calculations with different material models (we use our "own" material model in Sofistik) but more or less exactly the same FE-MESH, boundary and load conditions. Furthermore i want to have (complete) control over my mesh properties, so i need to do it by hand.

However there are very few Atena Input files that are written by hand (and not exported from the automatic meshing done directly in atena) i know of and without such files the documentation (PART 6 - ATENA INPUT FILE) is very hard to understand, at least for me wink.

So i would like to ask if such files exist, maybe some more or less complex ones with interface elements, reinforcement, monitoring points etc. etc. in 2D and 3D so that they can help me understand what has to be done to get my parser to run.

any help will be appreciated & thanks in advance !

Re: Sample Input Files for Static Analysis

Hello beTsche,
first of all, I doubt if this is an efficient way - see also ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.2.25 How can I import the geometry from my CAD / the model from my other FEM? - the document is included in ATENA installation and also available for separate download from our web under Products - ATENA - Documentation.

If you insist on importing a mesh (which does not make much sense from linear design models, but, in specific situations, meshes from nonlinear volume models from other SW may make sense), I recommend to look at the .IXT import option of ATENA Engineering 3D (Edit - Insert IXT...).

With respect to hand-created .inp files, we just have very small ones for basic testing (typically, single-element ones). Although I think the best way to learn how to create one is to create a simple model with the features of your interest in ATENA Engineering 3D or the ATENA-GiD user interface of ATENA Science, then export the .inp from there, if you let me know which element types, materials, boundary conditions etc. you are interested in, I can find+send you 1 or a few of the basic testing .inp files.