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I am trying to model a prestressed girder with a deck on top.
The deck on top is casted only after the prestressing is applied on the girder, accordingly I specified a separate construction case where the top deck is activated and self weight is applied using a body force load case.

The top deck and the prestressed girder share a partial contact (perfect connection).

In my analysis steps, the prestressing and self weight of the girder are first applied followed  by the application of selfweight of the deck.

The analysis runs fine till the application of prestress and selfweight of the girder but in the step where the top deck is activated i am getting the following error.

(Thread 1) CCFEModelExc: Negative or zero value of element Jacobian: -0.923061, in element id: 18706, group id: 403177475, name: Tetra elements(410511) for Macroelement 3
Source line: 303, file: C:\AtenaV540\Sources\Include\CCIsoElement\calculate_element.h

Also I wanted to mention that I use ATENA 3D for building my file and export the input file to run it in ATENA Studio as the problem size is large.

Re: Construction Case error

Dear vronanki,
please see ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.2.1 Is there an example how to change the structure during analysis to consider the construction process?

If the problem persists, please follow Troubleshooting, 2.1.1 to send us your model (without results and finite element mesh), etc.


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Re: Construction Case error

Posting the summary of reply/help recieved via email, to help others who might have the same problem.

The error was resolved by using a proper mesh size. The mesh size should be large enough to allow for deformations of the elements along the interface of the newly added construction case macro element. Otherwise the mesh elements would turn inside out.