Topic: ATENA 3D Demo, marcoelement not shown

Hi there,

I'm trying to modell the reinforced beam of the Tutorial with the demo version of ATENA 3D.
My problem: The macroelement for the beam isn't shown correctly, neighter in the topology nor in the Pre-processor window itself.  The window just changes to grey, when I generate the macroelement. So it seems that there might be some kind of marcoelement.  I already tried to change the Viewing parameters (e.g. Zoom extend button), but it doesn't change. I also reinstalled ATENA, because I thought it might be a system problem, but I've got the same problem there.
Do you know how to fix it and show the macroelement correctly?

Best regards

Re: ATENA 3D Demo, marcoelement not shown

Dear Anastasia,
please see ATENA Troubleshooting, 3.1.2 Display problems with "Desktop Composition" in Windows Vista/7 for information about the "rendering" option to circumvent some problems with some graphics drivers.
See also Troubleshooting, 2.1.14 Problem with some graphics drivers and Video card.