Topic: How I can simulate the fire effect on RC beams

I had model in ATENA 3D, this model is ready to stat analysis, How I can applied thermal load to make analysis 1. thermal analysis 2. static analysis?

In fact, I have RC beam with lap splices fired from bottom surface and I want to simulate it by ATENA, till now I simulated the model for static analysis without applying the effect of fire by ATENA 3D. How I can simulate the fire effect to get on thermal analysis first then static analysis (after the effect of fire)?

Is there any example for thermal analysis (step by step)?

Re: How I can simulate the fire effect on RC beams

Dear masoud.e, please understand in ATENA Engineering (both 2D and 3D), only simple thermal loads can be applied.
For Transport analysis and Fire loading, you need ATENA Science (preprocessing in GiD). Please see the ATENA Science Example Manual, 3. TRANSPORT ANALYSIS for basic examples (the models referred in the text are included in ATENA installation).