Topic: Running ATENA remotely


I received the following message when my models are runnig through REMOTE DESKTOP of Windows

"CCException: HASP - program is running remotely on a Terminal Server
Continuing in DEMO mode"

However, it's not happen when I do this connection through TEAMVIEWR

How can I solve this problem?

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Re: Running ATENA remotely

please see ATENA Troubleshooting, When running ATENA remotely through Terminal Services.

Re: Running ATENA remotely

Dear Dobromil,
I still receive message that Atena switched into DEMO mode while connecting via RDP in Windows 10 despite of the fact my key is network. The key is directly plugged in the computer with ATENA. I am connecting from another computer where no ATENA dongle is plugged in.

Re: Running ATENA remotely

Dear Pavlo, please ask your local network administrator for help, above all the firewall settings (see also/refer him or her to Troubleshooting, 2.4.13 Problem with Network Key).