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Topic: About pull-out test


I use ATENA 3D to model pull-out test. Actually, I read ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.2.12 about pull-out test and everything ok. That I finished the model and after making running and finishing modelling I saw the cracks and the stresses and everything.
My question about the monitor point. Where I have to define the monitor points and what kind of the monitor points should I use? Because I am looking for the Bond stress - slip curve.
Please let me know about it.
Thank you.

Re: About pull-out test

Dear zaherkurdi,
to setup the monitoring such that you can directly compare to a measurement, you first of all need to find out / explain how the measurement is executed in the experiment and how the slip and bond stress are calculated from the measured data.

Typically, one calculates the average slip and bond stress from reaction, bonded length, and some displacements difference.