Topic: Save the analysis result

Hi, after I post-process the result which analysized in ATENA, how can I save it? Do I need to  import result from ATENAWin every time? Thank you.

Re: Save the analysis result

Dear feygaliu,
1. from mentioning AtenaWin, I assume you work with GiD+ATENA Science.

2. We recommend ATENA Studio over AtenaWin. Alternatively, you can run the analysis in AtenaConsole and postprocess in ATENA Studio (even while the analysis is still running, on the same computer or another one).

3. Saving results for all or selected load steps is activated in the Interval Data dialog (see the option Store Data for this Interval Steps).

4. If you have a model created in ATENA Engineering 3D, and are running the analysis in ATENA Studio or AtenaConsole (or AtenaWin), please follow ATENA Troubleshooting, Models from ATENA 3D analyzed in AtenaConsole.