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Topic: displacement control

hello everyone

I made a shear wall model with three stories.
In this model, I applied both lateral load and bending moment(I applied it by using coupling forces) on top of the wall
I used the arc length method for carrying out the analysis.
But it did not operate well after the peak strength.

So, my questions are..

1) How can I improve my model to investigate post-peak behavior.

2) or I want to perform my analysis by displacement control 'not force control'.
    Does ATENA provide the function of displacement control satisfying below conditions?
    a) Assume the ratio of the lateral force and coupling force is 1:2, and this ratio should be maintained during the whole
    process of analysis.
    b) And the displacement of controlled node increases for each step (maybe it increases from 0 to target displacement).

Thank you

Re: displacement control

Dear zkdhtmzla,
ad 1.: if you seek recommendations regarding your particular model, please send us your model along with related information following ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.1.1.

Ad 2. From what I understand so far, this is one of the cases where an easy representation with displacement control is not possible, see also Troubleshooting, 2.2.19 How can I monitor a surface (or line) load? and Solution methods.