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Hello ! I'd like to report a small issue on the latest version of ATENA Studio 5.6.1(16430).

I have two identical models (#1 and #2) in GiD and I run them through ATENA Studio. I am making diagrams, structure views, activities etc. in #1 and save the model. I see that everything is stored in .ccs file in xml format.

I am running model #2 and want to have an identical view as #1 in ATENA Studio. The only way to do that is import the .layout file from #1 however, very few properties are actually imported. For instance, the diagram from #1 is imported as an empty diagram, which if I modify in #2, it is then not saved in its .css file at all !

Is it possible to adjust all these issues, for instance to discard the .layout file and import directly from a .css file of another model, since it is also an xml file ? Or rather save everything in .layout file as well.

It would be really helpful to have the option to import our workspace from one model to another, since it is mostly excellent in versatility.

And a question : Is there any easy way to just export the x-y values from an existing diagram to a tab-separated file ?

Thanks !

Re: Layout saving

Ok, I found how to import the view settings. You have to save a view in a model and import the view on another model by using the .css file.

So the problem stands with diagrams which are not saved in the .layout file I suppose.

Re: Layout saving

Dear vpapanik,
I have forwarded your questions/comments to our colleague responsible for ATENA Studio, however, he is currently on holiday.

I can at least answer your last question: yes - just copy from the graph window into clipboard (Ctrl-C or Edit - Copy to clipboard), then choose numbers (CSV - not picture/bitmap) when pasting into another program.