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Here is a user from Michigan Technological University, MI, USA.

We are using Science GID to simulate the softening behavior of fiber-reinforced concrete. By reading your theory and some published references, I found there is a software called Consoft, but the link (Consoft - software documentation (2015).
Available at: … e/slowik/) shown in your publication seems expired.

Could you please help me to find out a link or contact information to access this software?

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you!

Nate Wang

Re: Question about Consoft - software

Dear Nate Wang, do you mean the ConMix utility to generate the properties for young concrete in Transport analysis? If so, please make sure you have installed a recent ATENA versions, including the corresponding ATENA-GiD script, and the utility is available from the Material dialog.

Or are you referring to the ATENA Science FRC Tutorial, unfinished section "4.2.2 Inverse Analysis by Consoft"?

Or something else?


Re: Question about Consoft - software

Thanks for your reply! Yes, I'm looking for the "inverse analysis by Consoft" in the FRC tutorial.

Is there any information on "Consoft" you could provide?


Re: Question about Consoft - software

Dear Nate,
I have checked with colleagues, and if you are interested in ConSoft, I can only recommend to contact Professor Slowik … er/slowik/

I also suggest to let us know what you need/wish/plan to analyze and maybe we can help you find a solution (see also ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.1.1).