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I am modelling the slab of a floor of a high-rise structure. I currently have the slab and all of the columns below the slab modelled. Since the response of the floor slab is of most importance for my study, it is being modelled using 3D IsoShell elements. The top half of the columns (which connect to the bottom surface of the slab) are being modelled using volume elements and to reduce the number of elements, the bottom half of the columns are modelled using 1D beam elements. For the column modelling, the fibre element has been placed directly beneath the centre of the volume element, with the proper s and t dimensions as the column it is to be connected to.

I am having difficulty trying to connect the 1D beam to the volume element above it. I attempted to use '1D_Fixed_Beam_to_Solid_for_Surface' which only allows me to define a ‘Solid’, but how am I supposed to define the ‘1D beam’ portion of the connection? I have read 5.2 of Part 8 – User’s Manual for ATENA-GiD Interface, and have been unsuccessful in my modelling so far and have not found any other threads in the forum or sections in any other manual. I do not feel I am to be using any other of the '1D_Fixed_Beam_to_Solid_for...' which leaves me at a roadblock.

Any help is appreciated,

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Hi Patrick,
Do you have a special intention to use 1D beam element rather than 3D beam? 3D beam can be easily connected to 3D solid with either fixed contact (Master Slave) or consistent mesh, so I would choose 3D beam instead.
I recommend you to check sample model named "8beams_loading_test" which should be located in "C:\Users\Public\Documents\ATENA Examples\Science\GiD\Tutorial.Static3D". It contains all options how to model a beam with 1D beam, 3D beam, shell, solid etc...
Also I recommend you to check the difference between a simplified model and model with columns modeled with 3D Solids. It might happen that there is no benefit to use 1D beam/ 3D beam with regard to performance and drive volume.

Re: 1D Beam Contacts

Dear Patrick,
this kind of connection of 1D beams to shells or solids is not supported yet. We are working on this for future ATENA versions.

As Pavlo suggests, you can use 3D beam elements. Or, of course, you can ask us for help with your particular modelling (ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.1.1).