Topic: Step Divergence Criteria-ERRORs

I am using Atena 3D to simulate the Exterior Beam-Column Joint under cyclic loading. I made a geometric model of the RC joint and run the analysis. My model stopped at the start of the second cycle with the following message.

"(Thread 1) CCFEModelexc. The execution is killed due to violation of step divergence criteria.
Source line: 1289, file:
thod.cpp, last modified at: Mar 28 17:13:35 2018

I tried many times to fix the divergence error as given in
Troubleshooting manual but could not able to fix it.

Please guide me, in order to solve such issues??
How to avoid divergence of steps.??

Kind regards
Muhammad Safdar

Re: Step Divergence Criteria-ERRORs

Dear Muhammad Safdar,
you can follow Troubleshooting, 2.1.1 to send us your model etc.