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I have a problem with Atena 3D, with the monitoring points. I have build the "Tutorial for Program ATENA 3D", and had defined the monoring points for displacements and for reactions. After pressing the run button, I want to modify the left window to show me a load-dispalcement-diagram. When I try to change it, there is a window shows an error:

"No monitors are available - it is not possible to define grapf parameters..."

I started the tutorial three times, one time it worked, but I don´t know why.

But in my real project, it does not work too, and I do not know why.

Does someone know this problem and how it can be solved?
Thanks for any help.

Re: Monitoring Points

Dear pk301,
you can follow Troubleshooting 2.1.1 and send us the model so we can try to identify the problem.

Best regards,
Michaela Vaitova

Re: Monitoring Points

Dear pk301, you are probably just clicking too fast - the monitors become available when the first load steps is completed and their data available. Moreover, to see a curve/line in the graph, at least 2 completed steps are needed.


Re: Monitoring Points

Dear dpryl,

that was exactly the problem. I did not know, that I have to wait till the first step ist completed.

Thanks for your help, now the monitoring points are available.