Topic: Wall Foundation Contact in Rocking Walls.


I am trying to model an unbonded post-tensioned rocking wall using ATENA 3d v5.

Ideally, the wall-foundation contact should be such that there is no horizontal slip. Also, there should be unrestricted gap opening at the tension side of the wall and there should be no indentation into the foundation at the compression side. I tried using 3D interface material model and with minimal tensile strength and high tangential stiffness to achieve the above mentioned goal but it is not giving me desired result. Could you please help me with this? Thank you.


Re: Wall Foundation Contact in Rocking Walls.

Hi Sumedh,
I would have a look at your model if you share it at a filesharing site.

Also I recommend you to test your contact with all materials elastic except contact. In such way you can get desired result faster.

Re: Wall Foundation Contact in Rocking Walls.

Dear Pavlo,

Thanks for offering your help.

Here is the link to the folder containing the simulation of ATENA 3D file, some drawings and approximate cyclic pushover results. Please, let me know if you need further information. Thanks a lot again. … sp=sharing


Re: Wall Foundation Contact in Rocking Walls.

It looks like you are trying to cheat input data with defining some non realistic values (friction coefficient 1.5!!!).

Small tensile strength can create numerical problems, be careful about that.

Also it is not clear what is your desired result? Do you want to get the same curve as in experiment? Where do you know there is no horizontal slip?
Also it seems that you have cyclic load in experiment and static load in ATENA model.