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I have two different reinforcing bars,one is old other one is new. I want to study the lap splice behavior of old-new rebars.

Could you please tell me how to model laps in ATENA.


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What do you mean by new and old? Can you show it on a sketch?

Re: Lap-Splice


Old reinforcement = reinforcement already used in building constructed in 1970
New reinforcement = reinforcement that never used  so far

I want to study lap behavior of both types of bars, because sometimes it is necessary to extend an existing building so lap plays a vital role.


In Atena how we can introduce laps in our model ?


Re: Lap-Splice

Just in few words: you can directly model your lap with real distances between bars and cold joints. However, the important thing is bond-slip relation which might differ for both bars. Unfortunately, there is no FEA tool which can provide you a bond-slip function for a specific bar in a specific concrete. Therefore, you can try taking bond-slip from ModelCode2010 and make a number of numerical simulations to get estimation of lap capacity.

If you need direct advises how to model your task in ATENA you'd better prepare a description of your problem with pictures.