Topic: Post Processing Color Bar ATENA2D

Hello, is there a way to set a color bar scale in one load step, and have it applied to all of the other load steps. For example, I would like to look at the generation of increasing principal compression stresses and strains with increasing lateral load on a low rise wall, and I would like them all plotted to the same scale, which would be tedious to do stage by stage. I know how to do it for a single stage, using the manual color scale for contour areas or lines, but I would like that scale to "stick" as I change load steps.


Re: Post Processing Color Bar ATENA2D

Dear rdevine,
I recommend to import your results from Egr 2D into ATENA Studio:

Export the results into binary step result files (File - Export - Binary result files), import these into ATENA Studio (start ATENA Studio and create a project from these results), and postprocess there. You may be also interested in the function for creating an animation.