Topic: Dynamic Analysis (Seismic)


I'm still working about dynamic and static analysis for frames in reinforced concrete for my PhD, but i would like know if there methodologies specifics for do these analisis in atena.
Or if there are  examples that can help me better.

Thanks you

Re: Dynamic Analysis (Seismic)

Dear ingrid93,
I recommend to see the examples included in ATENA installation:

%Public%\Documents\ATENA Examples\Science\GiD\Tutorial.Dynamic\BridgeConcreteSinusImpulsLoad.gid


%Public%\Documents\ATENA Examples\Science\GiD\Tutorial.Dynamic\SeismicStoneHenge.gid"

I assume you have already proceeded through the basic Tutorial example (ATENA-Science GiD Tutorial).

If you have specific problems/questions, you can follow ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.1.1 to send us your model along with sketches+description what you are modelling.