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Topic: Welcome

Dear ATENA users;

I would like to welcome you to this new format of our forum. I would like to encourage you to place your questions or suggestions for ATENA improvement. It is very important for us to know your opinion and to have your feedback. Your input helps us continuously to improve our products and services.

Our objective is to make ATENA a primary choice of engineers for advanced analysis of concrete and reinforced concrete structures. As you know modelling of concrete and reinforced concrete in particular brings certain specifics, which are often forgotten or not included in the large general purpose packages. Our goal is to fill this gap and create an easy to use tool, that can be quickly applied to check the performance of your structures.

I would like to share with you some of our current development plans. Maybe this will also help to stirr up some discussions on this forum. At the end of the spring our developers have completed the implementation of dynamic capabilities in ATENA. This also includes a module for the eigenvalue analysis. These new features will be introduced into the distribution package during the coming autumn 2007. At first, this features will be available in the ATENA solution core, and thus could be exploited with the preprocessor GID or by manual input file editing. Another development line is to unify and extend the ATENA native graphical environment (basically ATENA 3D) to include 2D as well as 3D structures, creep, thermal and dynamic capabilities. This development is, however, delayed and this unified version is expected to appear in the beginning of 2008.

Thank you all  for your valuable input, comments and suggestions.

With best regards

Jan Cervenka
technical director
Cervenka Consulting