Topic: Modeling Shear-Friction Along RC Cold Joint


I am attempting to model the resistance and displacement of an experimental wall structure which experiences significant slip along a cold joint (foundation-to-wall interface). I am currently using ATENA 2D, v., I was looking at using the 2-D Interface material model, and was wondering how to implement it. Can it be assigned to a line between two marco-elements, which represent the interface? Also, is there a suggested way to calculate the Ktt and Knn values, e.g. using the concrete stiffness?

Thanks for the help, please let me know if you need more information.

Re: Modeling Shear-Friction Along RC Cold Joint


I assume that you are using ATENA Engineering 2D. In this program, it is really simple. The interface behavior is activated by just editing the line properties and selecting the button Edit Contact and defining a proper Interface material.

Regarding the parameters Ktt and Knn, I would refer you to the documentation, i.e. Theory manual, section 2.6, Eq. 2.116. I recommend to define Knn = E/t, where E is the elastic modulus of the weaker material and t is the estimated thickness of the interface or in case of zero thickness contact, it should be something negligible if compared to the dimensions of your problem. For instance if you are analyzing a structure, which is 10 m large, then t could be = 0.1 m.