Topic: Steel stresses in nodes and element nodes

When reading the results obtained with a an ATENA engineering model of a slab, we have observed that the reinforcement stresses (modelled as discreet rebars in this case) are very different depending if we read them at the nodes or at the element nodes.

What are the differences between these two values? The reinforcement stresses at nodes and the same stresses at the element nodes?

Thank you

Re: Steel stresses in nodes and element nodes

Dear FAF,
please see the ATENA Studio User's Manual, 4.4.2 Result Data Evaluated in Nodes for a basic explanation. You may also wish to read ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.1.10 The tensile (or compressive) stresses exceed the tensile (or compressive) strength or yield stress – what is wrong?

All the ATENA documentation is included in the installation and also available for separate download from our web (Products - ATENA - Documentation).