Topic: Interpretation of Convergence Summary


I am doing the simulation of a reinforced concrete beam without stirrups. The model's processing is being executed in the ATENA Studio program. Three convergence graphs are shown: (1) Convergence Summary, (2) Step Convergence and (3) Interation Convergence.

In the graph Convergence Summary two lines are shown: Iteration Count and Non-converged step count. I understand the meaning of the Iteration Count line (number of iterations in each step). However, I do not understand the meaning of the Non-Converged Step Count line.

Could you give an explanation about that parameter?
Could the Non-Converged Step Count line be above the Iteration Count line?

Re: Interpretation of Convergence Summary

Dear Zarum,
the number of unconverged steps means the number of steps where at least one of the convergence error tolerances has been exceeded, see also ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.1.19 Problems reaching convergence and understanding ATENA convergence parameters and 2.4.2 I get the message "The execution is killed due to violation of stop iteration criteria", what does it mean? (the document is included in ATENA installation and also available for separate download from our web under Products - ATENA - Documentation).