Topic: Change Updated Stiffness/Stiffness GiD 10.0.9


I am running a model that presents convergence problems in several specific steps during processing. The document "ATENA Problem Solving: 2.1.19 Problems to Achieve Convergence and Understanding of ATENA Convergence Parameters", recommends 3 ways to improve convergence. One of them changes the parameters Updated Stiffness/Stiffness type for problem steps. In ATENA 2D it was quite easy to make that change, but in ATENA Studio + GiD 10.0.9 I can not find a way to do that. Check the manuals and there is no procedure how to do it. Could you give me some help?


Re: Change Updated Stiffness/Stiffness GiD 10.0.9

Dear Zarum,
please see the ATENA-GiD User's Manual, 5.4 Interval Data - Loading History, Fig. 5-82 Interval Data - Solution Parameters
(and around). Please also note the basic Solution parameters are defined in Problem Data (and can be changed from an Interval by the above referred options).