Topic: Implementation of Plastic Damage model


I am trying to implement a plastic damage model by Lee et al. (1996). If possible, could you please provide me a guideline/example for it? I have some experience in implementing one dimensional model in ATENA. I know if too different to implement a 3D model compare to 1D model. Your help will me much appreciated.

Amit Jain

Re: Implementation of Plastic Damage model

Dear Amit Jain,
I am not familiar with the model you mention. Could you refer a link with a simple description, or explain its expected advantages over the material models built in ATENA in a few sentences?

As you have already implemented a 1-D model, you are already familiar with the User Material DLL and the C and FORTRAN examples. When you have specific questions during the implementation, of course you can contact us for help/advice.