Topic: analysis problem


I am using ATENA science(Gid11+atena v4.3.1 and ATENA win to run the analysis).After the analysis starts i get this message during reading the .inp file:
CCFEModelExc: Invalid node_id: 6457 specified, in node id: 6457
Source line: 118, file: ..\..\Sources\CCFEModel\check(CCFEModel).cpp, last modified at: Wed Dec 21 10:46:12 2011

Have you any idea how i could fix this?

Re: analysis problem

Dear serafeim_mpousgos,
1. please understand we can only support the very old version 4.3.1 in a limited way. I suggest to contact our sales colleagues with your ATENA User ID (WR - see also ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.1.1) to check if your license allows to install some newer ATENA (e.g., 5.1.3).

2. In any case, the first to do is to look at the referred Node number 6457 in the .inp file, try to highlight it using the Signal command in GiD (Mesh view), check it with the List command. 

3. Maybe you remember what you have changed last (if the model has worked before) and that way narrow the problem source search?