Topic: Unknown command:posledni


I was trying to model the RC beam without stirrup that is the basic model given in the tutorial 3D in GID interface. But it shows the following error

Unknown command:posledni
Error in base file 'C:/Program Files/GiD/GiD 13.0/problemtypes/Atena/include.src.bas/../include.src.bas/CCMaterialFunction01.bas' at line number 34: Error into an *Operation expression

Please let me how to solve that error.

Thank You.

Re: Unknown command:posledni

Dear pvmrao, to get help with your particular model, please follow ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.1.1 to send us your model etc. Do not forget to tell us which exact ATENA version you are using.

Just guessing: your definition of the working diagram of a reinforcement material is inconsistent.