Topic: installation problem

i am trying to intall Atena 4.1.1 3D full EN  BY USING HASP HL key but every time at the end it gives the message  OS NOT SUPPORTED  and failed  to install

Please HELP
Thanks and Regards

Blvir Singh

Re: installation problem

Dear Blvir Singh, the last 4.1.1 version is 10 years old and it is not possible for us to support it any more. If you write us your ATENA User ID (WR - see also ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.1.1, the current version of the document is available for download from our web under Products - ATENA - Documentation), we can prepare a renewal / upgrade offer. You can also download the 5.3.5d DEMO version to try the software (limited number of elements).
The only way to run the old version nowadays is to find a machine (physical or virtual) with an OS from that time (Windows XP) and install it there.