Topic: Modelling four point bending test using coding software

I'm simulating a four point bending situation on a reinforced concrete slab using symmetry. I've applied an overlay of high strength concrete over the existing RC slab and have to study the interface between these layers. I have to vary the cohesion and friction coefficients to obtain a rang of values for the shear capacity of the composite section. Is there any coding platform like MATLAB or python which can be used to develop a code for this purpose ?

Re: Modelling four point bending test using coding software

Dear arjun.vithalkar, I suggest to look at our stochastic analysis package, SARA.
If nothing else, the features for randomization of the ATENA Input File (.inp) can be (mis)used to generate variants of the original .inp file for your parametric study (giving a list of values as an input, and that can be generated from Matlab or even just a spreadsheet).

I also recommend to see ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.2.14 I have problems when using the Interface (GAP) material on contacts.