Topic: Discretization of the rebar element


I have a query regarding reinforcement bars with prescribed bond.

As per the ATENA theory Manual section 3.9 when reinforcement bars are modeled with a bondstress-slip relationship, the stresses  in the rebar are calculated at discrete node points. The manual does an excellent job of clearly explaining the how ATENA iteratively solves a set of inequalities to arrive at the slip and stress values. But I could not find any information on how the bar is discretized internally into these node points. Does it discretize the bar based on the meshing of the surrounding concrete? or does ATENA use some constant value to assign these internal node points?

Any explanation regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Discretization of the rebar element

Dear vronanki,
reinforcement nodes are generated at intersections with the borders of the surrounding elements, please see the ATENA Input File Format manual, Table 167: MACRO_ELEM_DATA_SPEC for CCReinforcementME MACRO_ELEM_DATA_SPEC element parameters, description of { NORMAL | TINY [SIZE] } and [SIZE] MINIMUM x.


Re: Discretization of the rebar element

Thank you, that answers my query