Topic: Postprocessing - Data Output?

I am modelling a prestressed concrete beam with ATENA 3D and I have a question concerning the data Output of the postprocessing tool. Is it possible to obtain nodal strain values for a previously defined cut section? I would like to integrate the strain values over the cut section in order to obtain the overall compressive concrete force for this section. Is this possible or is there an even better way to obtain the compressive concrete force?

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Re: Postprocessing - Data Output?

Dear Sv,
please see ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.2.21 How to get the nodal forces at 100 nodes as output in text-file or other?

If you are interested in integral values or exporting data for a selection, you can also consider exporting the binary result files from ATENA Engineering 3D (ATENA 3D User's, Result Manager and Save Step Results), importing them into ATENA Studio (Create new project from result files, ATENA Studio User's, 5.1 Processing of Existing Data) and do the Output from there. In that case, you may be interested in ATENA Studio User's, ATENA Studio User's, Data Request, Cuts, 4.2.1 Cuts – Forces and moments, and also defining a corresponding Max/Min/Sum Monitor and extracting its values from all steps with saved results (ATENA Studio User's, Monitor Request). Please note some of the functionality is new since version 5.6.1.