Topic: Threaded rods modelling

I want to model threaded rods of M20 specification, carrying 100kN tensile load, in ATENA for one of my model, can it be done?

Re: Threaded rods modelling

Dear arjun.vithalkar,
depending on what you are modelling and the purpose of the analysis, there are many ways to represent such threaded bars... if you seek help with your particular analysis, I suggest to follow Troubleshooting, 2.1.1 to send us your model (if you already have some) along with sketches + explanation.

Just guessing: You may also be interested in Troubleshooting, 2.2.27 How can I model pre-stressing losses?, 2.2.5 How to model bonded post-tensioning cables in ATENA?, 2.2.11 How can I take reinforcement bond into account?