Topic: Atena and Windows 10

Good afternoon

I am running Atena on my pc (windows 10) and once run the model I would like to go back to pre-processor to make some changes.
When I do it, my computer is stuck and is imposible to go back to pre-processor.
My Atena license is and I am running it on a pc with
- windows 10
- i7
-32 gb ram
- graph AMD radeon

thank you


Re: Atena and Windows 10

Dear Cosimo, which of the ATENA programs are you using? Engineering 2D, Engineering 3D, ATENA Science - GiD + ATENA Studio (in that case, just close ATENA Studio or/and use the Alt-Tab windows shortcut to get back to GiD)?


Re: Atena and Windows 10


It happens in ATENA Engineering 3D when I move from postporcessor to preprocessor.
I have hasp for ATENA 3D (version 5.6.1)