Topic: Interface material model roughness parameters


Is there any specific thumb rule on assigning the values of cohesion,tensile strength and friction depending on the roughness of the interface in consideration?

I understand the relation between these parameters as per the ATENA user manual and troubleshooting guidelines. I want to know, for example, for a surface roughness of 3 mm, what should be the values of the above mentioned parameters? (f_t, c, mu)

Re: Interface material model roughness parameters

Dear arjun.vithalkar,
please keep in mind that the resulting strength and stiffness of the contact depend not only on the roughness of both surfaces, but also on the materials. Therefore, I doubt if it is possible to come up with a reasonable simple formula covering at least some material class combinations.
In generall, the best is to determine the Interface properties by a few tests, covering the conditions expected in the real structure / experiment to be modelled. Typically, one would measure at least the shear response without any lateral stress and under several levels of compression perpendicular to the Interface.

Best regards.