Topic: Bubble-deck slab modelling


I'm trying to model a bubbledeck slab using GiD v.13. I am modelling the plastic spheres in bubbledeck slab, using the 3D (sphere) object geometry option in GiD. I'm assigning CC3DInterface properties to the sphere but during meshing I'm getting an error as (ERROR: Surface 20 is contact surface and has different material (Sphere interface) prototype (CC3DInterface) than CC2DInterface).

Whereas, if I assign the surface CC2DInterface properties, then the mesh is generated but there is an error before the analysis starts (Message in line number 50. error: Material "CC2DInterface" is permited only in 2D).

Kindly help me with this issue.

I would also like to know, which is the best option to model a bubbledeck slab (ATENA 2D, ATENA 3D, GiD, ATENA science)?

Re: Bubble-deck slab modelling

Dear arjun.vithalkar,
1. if you seek help with modelling a particular structure/element, the best is to send us some sketches+description along with your last model (ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.1.1).

2. If you consider using Interface (GAP) elements, please first see Troubleshooting, 2.2.14 I have problems when using the Interface (GAP) material on contacts and ATENA-GiD User's, 5.3.6 Interface Material.

3. Recalling models with bubble inclusions I have seen, this is for the first time that Interface elements would be needed between the concrete and the "void" material (polystyrene, air, or similar) - please explain?