Topic: Importing Transport Results from Different Software


I am trying to import results from a heat transfer analysis from another software into my 3D model in Atena Science using GiD. I wish to run a static analysis using the difference in temperatures from the previous analysis as a thermal load. The results from the previous analysis have output the temperature at nodes for the required time steps. The geometry and mesh for both analysis are the same (both prepared in GiD).

Am I able to manually alter the input file for the temperatures (the *.bin or *.thw file)? Is there another way I can input this thermal load?

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Re: Importing Transport Results from Different Software

Dear Natalie,
please first of all explain why you would prefer running the thermal analysis in some other software instead of simply using the Transport module of ATENA Science?

Moreover, having the same mesh for Transport and Static analysis usually does NOT make much sense...