Topic: Monitor for reinforcement

Dear Dobromil,
I am trying to set monitor on rebar in "Monitor for Reinforcement" window in GiD but I have no monitors in Atena Studio. MaxMonitor for Line doesn't work with rebar as well.

Re: Monitor for reinforcement

Dear Pavlo, it is hard to guess the problem source without seeing your model... but I have 2 tips before you send us your model:

1. On reinforcement, you can use Monitor for Reinforcement and Monitor for Point Nearest Node IP.

2. To propagate any changes in Conditions assignment from Geometry to Mesh, the mesh needs to be re-generated.


Re: Monitor for reinforcement

Hello Dobromil,
Thanks for explanations.
I found the problem. I activated reinforcement on the 2nd interval and I thought that monitor has to be set on the same interval as well. However, all monitors should be set at 1st interval irrespectively of elements and reinforcement activities.