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Does someone know, how I can put the analysis of several files of Atena 3D in a queue? My programm works very slowly, and I hope that I can let it work over night. The goal is, that the programm should analyse the next file, when the first is done, an the third when the second is done..., so I can see several results the next morning.

Thanks for any help. smile

Re: analysis in queue

Dear pk301,
as far as I know, ATENA Engineering 3D does not directly support this. However, if you have a multi-core computer and enough RAM, maybe you can simply start 2-3 analyses simultaneously (see also ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.1.6 I plan to buy a new PC to run ATENA on it, what do you recommend?)?

In any case, I recommend to see Troubleshooting, 2.2.17 The analysis runs too long. How can I speed it up? and 2.4.1 Out of memory error during ATENA analysis.

Another solution might be to (mis-)use our stochastical module SARA, which can run the analyses of multiple samples in a sequence. Maybe it can even help you with preparing the multiple models efficiently by randomizing some material properties or similar?


Re: analysis in queue

Hello dpryl,

thanks for your help.