Topic: unrecognized error


in the Run of a beam with prescribed deflection and a rotation about 0,15° at the x-axis, the programm shows

(Thread 1) CCExpection: Hasp -unrecognized error
Continuing in DEMO mode
Source line: 1126, file:
C:/Atena/V540/Sources/Include/CCHasp/CCHasp_Impl.h, last modified at: Mon Mar 27 16:22:57 2017

before that, I had run the baem without rotation, and it works. I have rotate the macros and the reinforcement, and I have correct the coordinates of the monitoring points.

Does someone know what my problem is?

Re: unrecognized error

Dear pk301,
it seems you have lost the connection to the license key. Please see ATENA Troubleshooting, 2.4.12 Hardware key not recognized (HASP – required key not found, invalid user id check, ATENA only running in Demo mode, or similar) and 2.4.13 Problem with Network Key. Note the Sentinel Admin Control Center now supports both network and local keys. Ask your local systems administrator for help if needed.
Recently, it is quite frequent that a system or firewall update breaks the connection, which means you need to (re-)define the firewall rules allowing the key communication.